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The Age of Leadership is a powerful learning tool for deep change.

The world is undergoing a complete and pervasive change full of disruptions and uncertainty. What are organizations turning to for change? Surprisingly, most of them simply do not. What are the actual results of this choice to stay safe? The numbers are clear.  

In the past 25 years more than half of the global one thousand companies are gone. Although some merged and consolidated many of them simply failed. What is needed is a radically different kind of leadership—one which understands the critical distinction between pushing messages toward employees and customers vs nurturing a culture focused on the power of pull.

The only way forward is to completely rethink management from top to bottom.

Discover twenty skills every leader must master to develop and keep talent to accelerate performance and to create anything new.

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Learn to Unlearn the Past (the Central Theme for Change)

  • Don!t Use Old Tools to Solve New Problems

  • Don!t Work Harder—Work Differently

  • Less is More (Say Less, Communicate More)

  • Choose Not to Stay Safe: Stop Fearing Mistakes

  • Create a Culture Where Every Individual Contributes

  • Thrive in a New World Without Equilibrium

  • Move Past Surviving—Innovate Without Fear

  • Create Context Where Everyone Learns From Everyone

    Else Every Day (New Kinds of Reverse Mentoring)

  • Create Knowledge Sharing Flows (Peer to Peer Learning)

  • Discover Different Perspectives From People “on the Edge”

  • Rediscover One Room School House Mentoring

  • Design Cultures Focused on Talent Development

  • Shift from Scalable Efficiency to Talent Development

  • Discover the Power of Pull: the New Economy is no Longer

    About Scalable Efficiency it is About Scalable Collaboration

  • Learn the Language of Leadership: Become a Master Storyteller

  • Subsume Your Ego and Surrender Control. Get Over Yourself.

  • Get Out of the Rut. Get Uncomfortable. Go to the Edge. 

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