Board Games can be fun and entertaining way of getting across some basis concepts and serious learning.  They are ideal for encouraging personal reflection and debate.  Participants move around the board and pick up cards that in different ways challenge, test and stimulate interaction and thought.  Easy for any trainer to run - no specialist knowledge or skills required.  All you need is in the very full trainer's notes.

Full of real-life situations that help demonstrate the benefits of embracing diversity.  Highlights some common prejudices and indicates why we need to overcome these and reap the advantages of a mixed and contented workforce.

For upto 12 people (6 per board)
Trainer's Notes
CD-Rom containing Trainer's PowerPoint Presentation
Handout A: How to Play
Handout B: Group Form
Set of Six Playing Pieces, Two Dice and one 30 second Timer
Set of 30 Cards
Game Board
New Release
30-60 minutes
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This is a Northgate Training Activity