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Every workplace should have emergency procedures in place. A designated safety officer should be in charge. The actions taken in the first minutes of an emergency are critical. Calls for help, and an immediate warning to evacuate, shelter or lockdown can save lives. Someone trained to administer first aid or perform CPR is essential. Knowledge of the layout of the building is crucial. Being prepared means that injury or damage — to employees, customers and the business — can be minimized. Emergency plans should be easy to understand and suited to the specific workplace. They should also be reviewed regularly so they remain current and effective.


Marcus and Carol wear safety jackets for a risk awareness meeting. Marcus affirms that as the manager, if an emergency presents itself, he will be the last to leave the office (when the others have been safely evacuated). The team is confused about the location of the fire extinguishers – everyone points in a different direction. Sam says he is the best qualified to be head of emergency; the others agree with him. Marcus has showcases the contents of a small disaster kit – and asks what the others would like to contribute. Chapstick, dry shampoo, toilet paper, condoms, duct tape, glue, water and a skeleton key are offered. Serena declares the importance of an emergency evacuation plan. Sam raises the importance of first having an emergency meeting place (the coffee shop in their case). Marcus plans an emergency drill and hands out blindfolds for the staff and blows a didgeridoo as a warning signal for an evacuation. This approach proves to be dangerous, culminating in staff falling down the stairs and knocking out Serena.

Learning objective

  • Don’t be slack about safety INSTEAD: Be prepared and think ahead
  • Don't ignore the basics INSTEAD: Know your fire extinguishers and exits
  • Don't think nothing will ever happen INSTEAD: Agree on an evacuation plan
  • Don't leave it up in the air INSTEAD: Elect a calm and competent leader

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