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Welcome them, give feedback, encourage new skills and be a good role model.

Carlos has been asked to help newcomer Dion settle in, like Alex helped him when he was new. Skills covered include first introducing newcomers to the corporate culture (Marcus does this with two fluffy toys to a bemused Dion and Tatiana) and to welcome questions. The second step is to offer practical help to build skills; Dion tries unsuccessfully to adjudicate an argument between Sam and Michael. They give Dion tips on how not to interrupt a personal discussion between colleagues. Giving time and encouragement is also important; Alex coaches Dion on how to answer the phone properly. Carlos complains to Steve that Dion is often late; Steve advises Carlos to explain to Dion how this disrupts his schedule. Be a mentor; don’t flood the person with suggestions but give them different ways to consider a problem. If they make mistakes, what did they learn? This video is divided into chapters:

  1. Help them settle in

  2. Offer practical steps to build skills

  3. Give time and encouragement

  4. Use feedback to fix problems

  5. Be a caring mentor

  Key Learning Points

Take time out to coach newcomers. Help them develop their potential


DON’T ignore newcomer training needs
INSTEAD: Prepare and make them feel welcome

DON’T ignore poor communication
INSTEAD: Take time to encourage and build skills

DON’T let issues go unchecked
INSTEAD: Give feedback for improvement

DON’T set a bad example
INSTEAD: be a caring mentor and role model

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