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This course, 4 Paths to Resolving Conflict, explores how conflict can be better understood and managed despite different personalities and multiple pressures. Conflict can blow up with staff, customers, suppliers, anyone, at any time. Developing conflict resolution skills show in this course will help reduce frictions that damage working relationships. We can learn to defuse emotion, establish common ground and win-win outcomes. Psychologists Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss practical strategies for understanding and resolving the conflicts, including how to mediate a conflict between two parties.

• Understand the dynamics of conflict, typical binary thinking and the escalating conflict spiral.
• Defuse the emotion in a conflict  ask questions, show compassion, take time out, discuss openly and listen.
• Establish common ground and win-win outcomes  use 'we' language, let go of preconceived ideas, brainstorm solutions and seek broad agreement.
• Mediate conflict between others  ensure ground rules for respectful exchanges, explore expectations and solutions, and document agreements.
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