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In this course 4 Essential Facilitation Skills you will learn skills required by leaders and anyone managing meetings, training sessions or even one-on-one coaching sessions. They are process skills that help guide the discussion to meet desired outcomes, whether problem-solving, brainstorming or reviewing strategy. You will learn to become a skilled facilitator who can implement a gameplan and use gatekeeping and process feedback to help a group focus on their challenges and goals, collaborate effectively, avoid distractions and tangents, and reach decisions faster and more effectively. Whether face-to-face or online, you can learn to navigate facilitation challenges and help control those who dominate discussions, to ensure a more inclusive approach to meetings and effective problem solving.

• Identify what makes a good facilitator  listening, summarizing, objectivity, ensuring participation and managing the process of the discussion.
• Facilitate with a gameplan with structured questions to move people to outcomes.
• Navigate facilitation challenges using clarification, gatekeeping and process feedback.
• Facilitate a problem-solving meeting using 5 whys and brainstorming strategies to solve problems and prepare action plans.
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