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In this course, 4 Essentials for Compassionate Leadership, you will discover how compassionate leaders care about their team's emotional and life needs and recognize that happier employees are more engaged and perform twice as well as those whose staff feel unvalued and uncared for. Compassionate leaders are perceived as strong and competent. Their employees are more loyal.
Compassion (caring for others) is revealed not only through words, but actions and this improves collaboration, trust and motivation.
With widespread economic hardship, worries about health, the environment and communities, we all benefit when leaders show compassion. Psychologists Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss four essential components that comprise humane, effective leadership.

• Understand compassionate leadership  caring for others and understanding their experiences, building trust and giving constructive feedback.
• Show compassion to yourself  recognize own stress, be kind and forgive yourself and suffer less anxiety.
• Really understand others  learn observational and questioning skills to uncover underlying issues and make changes.
• Develop the skill of emotional empathy to help understand others and problem-solve.
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