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In this course, 4 Invaluable Feedback Skills, you will discover that most people find it challenging to give others feedback about their work performance. It can be tough for people to objectively view personal traits and practices that negatively impact on their productivity and coworkers. In this practical course you will learn how to give feedback constructively and professionally so it is more readily accepted. Psychologists Peter Quarry and Eve Ash provide effective ways to give feedback, even when a situation or person is challenging and the person is negative or disagrees with the feedback, or gets very emotional.

• How to give feedback constructively  timely, privately, balanced and with specific examples.
• Deal with negativity  explaining why, seeking agreement, asking questions and asking for feedback.
• Deal with two types of disagreement  providing evidence and explaining consequences.
• Dealing with emotions like shock, anger and upset  listening, encouraging, taking responsibility and showing understanding.
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