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In this course, 4 Paths to a Psychologically Safe Workplace, you will learn to develop a psychologically safe organization or team where people feel safe to speak up, point out problems and tell the truth. Its an essential pre-requisite for a high performance team and results in lower staff turnover so the high performers are more likely to stay. This course provides an understanding of psychological safety and why it is important, how to assess your own team or workplace, how to provide the right leadership and take care of virtual teams and the need to monitor threats to psychological safety.

• Understand the characteristics and benefits of a psychologically safe workplace to enhance high performance.
• Assess your workplace by conducting annual audits to uncover if people feel valued and safe.
• Provide the right leadership  actively listen, ensure diversity and inclusion policies and encourage full participation.
• Take care of virtual teams so everyone is connected and avoids the problem of misunderstood intentions (Hanlon's Razor).
• Monitor threats to psychological safety  know what they are, give warnings, avoid blame and ensure inclusion.
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