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Learn about the 5 key attributes and 5 core skills that make anyone more employable and more effective in their work. 
Essential viewing for job seekers and recruiters. 

Training Points 


1. Personal Presentation

  • How a person looks - an instant judgment is made

  • Personal hygiene

  • Hair clean and nails

  • Tasteful jewelry

2. Positive Work Ethic

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Reliability and commitment

  • Loyalty

  • How does an employer determine these values?

3. Confidence and self esteem

  • How will an employer determine this?

  • Good eye contact, not waiting to be spoken to, confident tone

  • Focus on what you are good at, don't put yourself down

  • Have examples from the past which have required self-esteem and confidence

4. Enthusiasm & motivation

  • Willingness to help

  • Wanting to do things, saying this will be easy

  • How does an employer gauge this attribute in an interview?

  • Give examples of persistence and enthusiasm

5. Adapts & Manages pressure

  • Ability to adapt to any situation or constant changes

  • Flexible and cope with changes

  • Ability to manage pressure

  • Have examples for interview


6. Communication and teamwork skills

  • Speak to others, introduce yourself

  • Collaborate with others

  • Good quality written skills and clear verbal communications

  • Employer can use a test of written skills and keyboard skills

  • Good written skills

  • Appropriate and professional

  • You represent the company at all times

7. Problem-solving & Initiative

  • Identify problems and solve them quickly

  • Solve problems - identify problem and suggest options

  • Evaluating best option to go with

  • Job task in the interview to test problem solving and initiative

8. Planning and organising

  • Self management

  • Prioritizing and time management

  • Planning your day logically

  • How do you develop these skills?

  • Use a diary, task manager on the computer

  • Learn time management practices

  • Change messy habits

9. Technology Savvy

  • Good basic IT skills

  • Can use PC for internet, emails and WORD

  • Can use IT to organise data - eg tables, spreadsheets

10. Learning

  • Willing to put in time to learn

  • Improve skills that need development

  • Strengthen skills that are already good to become outstanding in them

  • Focus on goals

  • Manage own learning

  • Develops own way to manage knowledge

  • Learning in a variety of ways - IT self help, peer, coach, courses

  • How does an employer assess learning?

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