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Tom Peters, the brilliant, insightful, often abrasive and self-described “professional loudmouth,” holds the key to your (and every) company’s success—DESIGN! And for the first time, ChartHouse Learning, the creators of FISH!, have teamed up with tompeterscompany! to capture Tom’s amazing insights in a new learning program called Everything is Design. “You can’t just write a big check and assume you’ve done ‘the design thing.’” Tom turns the business world on its head by showing you how everything you do—every engagement, user manual, front-line employee, employment application—everything—is a part of your organization’s design and your customer’s experience. By head butting status-quo ideas about demographics and showing you who really makes purchase decisions in the household, Tom will provoke you into re-thinking the entire design of your organization—a challenging prospect that could lead to huge rewards! The program’s accompanying User’s Manual will guide you through the process.

Key Learning Benefits :
* Design Takes Nerve—Nothing takes more courage than breaking down and rebuilding everything you’ve done.

* Learn to be bold and take informed chances that could result in huge opportunities.

* Beautiful Systems Win—Find out how beauty, simplicity, and usability in your products and services are the key to gaining and maintaining lifelong customers.

* Tell a Story—The plot or story of your products and services is a key to your customers’ understanding of your business. Learn how to craft that story into a masterpiece!

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