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Everything Is Design!
This Will Change EverythingYou Thought You Knew About Design
Tom Peters, the brilliant, insightful, often abrasive and self-described “professional loudmouth,” holds the key to your (and every) company’s success—DESIGN! And for the first time, ChartHouse Learning, the creators of FISH!, have teamed up with tompeterscompany! to capture Tom’s amazing insights i... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Catch the Energy, Release the Potential
The bottom line? FISH! has created a new vocabulary that won't just change how you view work, it just may change your entire view on life. The FISH! philosophy has become an extraordinary phenomenon.At Pike Place Fish Market, employees don't just fill orders, they fill people - with fun, friendlines... read more
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FISH! Culture
Imagine a way to transform your organization's culture.
Take your organization's culture to a new level with ChartHouse Learning's FISH! Culture™."We are a 90 year-old, 4th generation, family-owned business and through FISH! Culture, we can see the 'family' coming back into our business." - Maryjane Shackleford, President, Barnes Advertising CorporationI... read more
Fish! Sticks
Feelin' it. Everyday.
After filming FISH! we wondered if, down the road, the fishmongers would sustain their incredible environment. The answer came through a travelling FISH! friend: “I didn't think the place would be real on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. I thought it was just a weekend thing. But it was real."And so, FI... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Fish! Tales Series
Bite-size story. Unlimited possibilities
Using the Fish! Tales programs, you will gain insight into what other companies have done to bring the principles of The FISH! Philosophy to life. 5 programs available: Building Trust - Tile Tech Roofing Company Jump Start - Rochester Ford Peak Experience - Aspen Skiing Company Vital Signs - Missour... read more
Fish! Tales: Building Trust
Get the Tools to Build Success!
Tile Tech Welcome to Tile Tech, a roofing company based in Tacoma, Washington, which became an industry leader by truly living the FISH! Philosophy. The team members at Tile Tech have made the FISH! Philosophy a reality in their office, on job sites and in their hearts. Tile Tech has service and saf... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Fish! Tales: Jump Start
Jump Start Your Organization with FISH!
Rochester Ford Toyota is a car dealership in Minnesota that had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region. Even worse, the employee satisfaction scores were so low they were almost immeasurable. Good employees were leaving in droves. But when a new owner introduced a new philosop... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Fish! Tales: Peak Experience
Get an Edge on Great Guest Service!
Aspen Skiing Company among the majestic Rocky Mountains, ski resorts are competing on a level playing field. They all have beautiful scenery, high-speed lifts, and fantastic restaurants. In FISH!, Aspen Skiing Company found a way to set its several resorts and over 3,000 employees apart from the oth... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Fish! Tales: Sprint
Get the Tools to Build Success!
A few years ago, Sprint Global Communications was a different company. Call after call, day after day, the employees of Sprint slugged away in the world of customer service. Casual dress was reserved for Friday, laughter in the office was generally a no-no and employee retention was an impossibility... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Fish! Tales: Vital Signs
Energy is Vital
At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, the staff deals with emotionally difficult situations, the challenges of providing exceptional health care, and the everyday stresses we all feel. But when they introduced FISH! into the environment, they revitalized their work... and their lives! Go behind the sc... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Managing To Have Fun
Positive Effects of Fun in the Workplace with Matt Weinstein
There is a direct connection between playfulness and productivity. In fact, regular doses of fun can produce dramatic effects in stress management, team-building, customer service, and company loyalty. This three-part series offers countless ways to incorporate a shared sense of passion, electricity... read more