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Ben Zander, delivers a revolutionary approach for breaking mental barriers that prevent connection with others. Ben teaches all employees, from the frontline to top executives, how to discover a vibrant world of possibility that lies beyond these barriers.

In their inimitable way, Ben and his partner Rosamund expressively coach employees, students, teachers, and executives to accelerate their pace of interaction, have courage in the face of fear, and enter the dance.

The benefits

  • Sit in the front row of your life. Participate!
  • When you make a mistake say: How fascinating!"
  • Quiet the "voice in your head" that says I can't do it."
  • Live in radiating possibility. Become a part of the song!
  • Invent a new game: "I am a contribution. "Ask yourself, "how will I contribute today?"

DVD Bonus Content Points - All New!

  • Throw a pebble into the pond (get started)
  • Identify where you stand (and then) lead from the eleventh chair
  • Stand in the limitless realm of possibility
  • Expand yourself
  • Take a risk
  • Let go
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