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The key to learning is finding, structuring and exploiting all of the different opportunities that exist for every one of us during our working week. The Learning Organiser offers help and support to both the training provider/facilitator and the learner to help them turn this key.

For the training provider, the pack provides advice about supporting effective learning. For the learner, each unit explains how they can engage more actively in learning, making it more interesting, effective and ultimately productive.

The pack, which includes activities, exercises and planning tools, forms an integrated learning resource and can be used as:

  • a way of supporting a mainstream learning skills training programme
  • a support for key skills implementation
  • part of an induction programme to help individuals prepare for learning prior to any short course
  • a coaching aid for resolving specific performance problems.

'…an exciting and potentially very valuable change from the traditional run of collections of activities or session guides…The author is to be congratulated on producing such an interesting, exciting and valuable resource which bodes well for future similar collections. Well recommended.' Training Journal and Learning Zone, September 1999

'The key strengths of the manual lie in its clarity – it is extremely well written and designed – and in its flexibility, as modules can be selected or disregarded as required. I was also particularly impressed with the originality of much of the content in the trainers' sections…and of the accessibility of some of the more widely known, but nevertheless complex, theories. Highly recommended.' Industrial and Commercial Training, Volume 23, Number 4, 2000

'this is a very useful document for those organisations wishing to introduce a set of training guidelines and standards. It is also useful in reviewing existing training systems for deficiencies and offering alternative solutions.' National Association for Staff Development (NASD), January 2002

'There is a wealth of material with clear guidance notes…for an organization working towards the Investors in People award, or aiming to become a learning organization, this could be a very useful tool…' British Journal of Educational Technology

Contents include:

• Introduction
• Focusing on the future
• Using the organiser tools
• about learning
• effective learning
• learning past and present
• what to expect from a training provider
• Getting the most out of a training programme
• Learning in different contexts (.e.g Different kinds of courses)
• Learning resources
• Learning and work
• Understanding NVQs
• Portfolio development
• Finding the time and a place for study
• Note taking
• Reading and writing
• Watching and doing
• Preparing for tests and examinations
• Evaluating Training.

About the Author
Mike Tilling is a freelance project manager and consultant specialising in flexible approaches to learning and materials development. He has worked with TECs, businesses, public sector organisations and educational institutions in developing access to training and new approaches to learning. He is currently developing other material in the ‘Organiser’ series for Gower.

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