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Action Learning Toolkit
53 tools to help you understand Action Learning and put it into practice in hundreds of situations
Action Learning is a tried and tested way of finding solutions to issues, concerns, opportunities or tasks in the workplace. These issues have no specific right answer, but provide us with opportunities to explore different courses of action, and to reflect on these actions to see what we have learn... read more
Developing A Learning Organization, 45 Activities for
In a fast-changing world, the only way organizations can flourish, indeed survive, is to keep learning. And that involves learning how to learn. Developing the learning organization is a process to which trainers can make an important contribution, and the exercises in this manual were compiled to h... read more
Knowledge Management
21 tried and tested activities for tapping into and sharing knowledge resources
Most organisations know they have vast reservoirs of knowledge vital for future success, but lack the ability to tap into them. Just published, Knowledge Management can help your organisation explore where that knowledge is, and how to tap into it to release its creative potential.Moving beyond the ... read more
Learning Organiser, The
The key to learning is finding, structuring and exploiting all of the different opportunities that exist for every one of us during our working week. The Learning Organiser offers help and support to both the training provider/facilitator and the learner to help them turn this key. For the training ... read more