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Developing A Learning Organization, 45 Activities for
In a fast-changing world, the only way organizations can flourish, indeed survive, is to keep learning. And that involves learning how to learn. Developing the learning organization is a process to which trainers can make an important contribution, and the exercises in this manual were compiled to h... read more
Learning Needs Analysis
The complete guide to getting everyone involved in learning needs
In clear, jargon-free language, it shows you how to make the links between personal development and organizational success. Before long, you'll be winning commitment from senior managers and getting everyone involved in identifying learning needs.Make a clear case for Learning Needs Analysis and use... read more
Learning Needs Interview
The answer to a common question:
This is an ideal resource for you to share with managers, showing them the extent of their responsibility for developing people. Most managers know that helping people learn means more than going on a course, so how can both sides get past this point? With the help of the video, you'll help managers... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Learning Organiser, The
The key to learning is finding, structuring and exploiting all of the different opportunities that exist for every one of us during our working week. The Learning Organiser offers help and support to both the training provider/facilitator and the learner to help them turn this key. For the training ... read more
Learning Plan Interview, The
Learning needs have been agreed - what happens next?
Having helped their people think through their learning needs, your managers need the skills and knowledge to progress to the next stage. This means helping the learner develop their learning plan. This video shows how to put together a realistic and achievable plan, using an understanding of the le... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Learning Review Interview, The
Why the best reviews are learner-led
It's not possible for someone else to learn on your behalf. So people have to take responsibility for their own development. This video helps to motivate and encourage them to do just that. It also reassures managers that it is not their sole responsibility to review progress. However, it also highl... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only