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Carol tells Marcus he is not listening to her, so after agreeing to listen, Marcus is inspired to run a listening session with the team that will also benefit the new starters, Tammy and Carlos. Listening skills are lacking. Carol offers some facts about listening and communication, and they attempt to explore empathic listening skills. 


Carol is very concerned because Marcus is not listening to her and after pointing it out they agree to listen to each other.  Team members discuss the skills of listening. Carol believes she is an expert listener however various people in the office feel they are not being listened to.  Marcus runs a listening skills session, especially for the benefit of Carlos and Tammy.  Carol demeans Carlos while Sanjay talks about Tammy as if she was not there.  Carol offers some facts about listening and communication while Sam interrupts and talks over her while correcting the facts.  They explore empathic listening, but the training session shows how people are talking at each other. When Tammy says that Carol speaks too quickly, Carol raises her voice as if Tammy is deaf.  The lack of genuine ‘active’ listening means most of the team end up annoyed with each other and Marcus as a final example gets Tammy and Carlos to demonstrate listening – but they just say hello to each other.

  Key Learning Points

"Too many people are so busy talking They have forgotten the art of listening"


Don’t talk over the top of someone
INSTEAD: Listen and show interest

Don’t tune out 
INSTEAD: Acknowledge key points

Don’t force a person to listen
INSTEAD: Agree to listen to each other

Don’t ignore body language
INSTEAD: Read reactions to your words


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