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Cheetah In Your Business, The
Part of 'Lessons from the Wild' Series
Organisational success today depends on being able to fast-track experience. As competition for talent increasingly becomes a global phenomenon, the ability of staff, supervisors and managers alike to share experience becomes critical. How do we do that? How do we ensure that someone with the right ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Coach, The
Helping others achieve is one of the most rewarding aspects of work
How does your team learn? By their mistakes? At outside courses? From each other? Of course, all these are elements in the process _ but perhaps the most important way is through you, their manager. The `how to do it' is broken down into five practical steps, to form the mnemonic _ STEER: Managers s... read more
New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only
Coaching a Winning Team
Program Highlights Building credibility and consensus in a vision. Using enthusiasm to turn around team motivation. Identifying and using complementary strengths in a team. Whether it be in basketball or business, a successful team is created by strengthening individual qualities and focusing them o... read more
Coaching for Results
A Skills-Based Workshop
This comprehensive new training program takes the approach that coaching is a series of skills to be mastered. The 12 skill modules can be facilitated individually or grouped in a flexible one day or two and a half day workshop.Participants Will: • Get valuable feedback on their coaching strengths a... read more
Coaching for Results
The complete coaching package
Strong coaching skills are invaluable to any business. Through effective coaching, managers can encourage and motivate staff, change attitudes, bring in new ideas and increase job satisfaction.Combining drama,documentary interviews and a real-life coaching session, this programme is a comprehensive ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Coaching II: More Techniques to Improve Employee Performance
How to improve the work performance of the "difficult' employee as well as the employee who wants to improve but doesn't know what steps to take. Covers - both negative and positive consequences to reinforce behaviour. Also how to coach in routine day-to-day activities.
Coaching Skills
Here's your chance to dispel some common myths about coaching
Now you can provide the support your managers need to perform their role as coaches enthusiastically and effectively. This video is set in an organisation where managers are learning how to develop their people through coaching. We see how they get on and what they learn from their attempts. The vid... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Coaching Skills Activity Pack, The
18 tried and tested practical activities for boosting performance
This pack has ready-to-run ideas and truly practical exercises to make coaching relevant and immediately appealing to managers. Here are fresh approaches to essential coaching skills. Develop skilful questioning techniques; demonstrate the GROW sequence; show that using simple coaching strategies is... read more
Coaching Skills: Sales Supervisor's Role
This Award-winning program teaches five basic skills to conduct a successful coaching session along with time-saving techniques for conducting a performance review: * Observe and identify a need for improvement * Arrange a one-on-one coaching session * Mutually identify need for improvement * Mutual... read more
Coaching: It Takes Work
Looking for a smart way to kick off a training session? Launch a meeting? Start to build a culture?In just four minutes, using music, animated text and graphics, this thought-provoking video will instruct, inspire and definitely stimulate discussion about coaching others.This video is ideal for trai... read more
Competency Toolkit, The
One-stop shop for all your competency needs.
This will be your invaluable partner to a successful, stress-free implementation of a competency framework. It gives loads of advice and points to consider, tools to help you design and build your framework, guidelines for how to collect the information you are gong to need, and even examples of man... read more
Counseling Skills in Mangers, 50 Activities for Developing
Managers need to be able to relate to the feelings and emotions of others as well as their tasks and occupational problems. They need to be able to reach the ‘whole’ person. Motivation,achievement and personal satisfaction depend on it.This collection of activities provides a practical and structure... read more