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Become a High Performing Employee
A Vado Learning Track
Are you a high-performing employee? Do you receive praise for your work in team meetings? Do your colleagues call upon you for advice because you’re known as the expert in your field? Becoming a high performance employee can improve your chances for a salary increase or bonus, advance your career. V... read more
Better Business Writing
This practical program, along with its self-study workbook, teaches viewers to write accurate, concise business letters, memos and reports. Key points: * Learn how to enhance your basic writing skills * Discover some of the most common mistakes in business writing and how to avoid making them yourse... read more
Business Writing Toolkit, The
The complete guide to written communication at work
The Business Writing Toolkit will be one of your most popular training resources: a valuable reference tool for punctuation and grammar; sessions on report writing and how to construct your writing; key tools to incorporate in any communication skills programme.It deals with all the things people ne... read more
Essential Interpersonal Skills for Outstanding Managers
Stop managers talking - get them communicating!
Stop managers talking – get them communicating! With Essential Interpersonal Skills for Outstanding Managers you’ll be able to help them become great communicators. Your managers will be able to develop insight into how other people feel, think and act. They’ll understand the importance of tone of v... read more
Manager's Pocket Guide to Effective Writing, The
This pocket guide can help whether you're a manager in charge of a group of writers, or a person interested in improving his or her writing skills. It will help you write better using easy, practical how-to-steps that will guide you towards more effective writing.
Oh What A Lovely Report
Overcome the blank paper syndrome by proceeding with a planA well written report is easy to read, sharing information and corporate knowledge. Sadly, not all reports are crafted with these objectives in mind. How would you define a report? Something I write and you tear up. Thus Arthur Lowes hapless... read more
Put It In Writing
The complete communicator - the art of influence
Everyone can improve their written communication skills, even if they're not a natural writer. In this insightful programme, which is ideal for those that find it hard to get started on a written task, Nisha is shown coaching two of her colleagues: Marcus who is struggling to write a letter and Alan... read more
Report Writing
The art of writing a good report
A good report takes minutes to read, holds its value for months and can be made available globally to countless people within any organisation. It can also demonstrate the writer's knowledge of the subject and quality of thinking. This programme’s engaging and humorous plot sets out six memorable st... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
TOEIC Business Idioms
from Silicon Valley
Building skills in idiomatic English as used by high-tech business professionals. Includes: • 100 currently used business idioms with definitions and pronunciation tips • Real business situations that illustrate each idiom, in text and audio format.
When Letters Work
Stop letters sounding impersonal: show clients your company cares
Good business relationships depend upon personal, human understanding and on expressing that with personal sensitivity. Letters must state clearly what they are trying to achieve and show that the writer cares about the readers needs and wants. As this video says Companies without care tend to becom... read more
Write Stuff, The
There is nothing like good writing. Good writing is the tool that may stretch our imaginations. And, yes it may be difficult and time consuming. But the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly and have people understand what we are saying is critically important both in our business and person... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Writing for Business Results
If you write well, you will often do well. It's that simple. But many of us haven't taken a writing course since high school or college. When we sit down to write, we confront a frustrating, time-consuming task. Words and meaning elude us. Precious hours march by as we stare at a blank computer scre... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only