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2006 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting (with CD-ROM)
The Annual is a ready-make toolkit of ideas, methods, techniques, and models that assist and support your work as an organizational consultant, with an emphasis in the change management area. The materials provide highly accessible means of interacting with a diverse variety of systems and processes... read more
3 R's of Sustainability
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The 3 R's of Sustainability is the starting point for every organization that seeks to reap the financial, social, and economic benefits associated with developing and adopting environmentally friendly policies and practices. Not only does adopting sustainable practices have positive implications fo... read more
Character Is Destiny
Making a Habit of Doing the Right Thing
Not your personality, but your character, is your destiny. Pick up any newspaper, watch any news program or read any business magazine, and the topic of character crops up. Why is character so often discussed? And why do experts believe a strong character is vital to the long-term success, the desti... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Competencies Activity Pack, The
20 Practical Hands-On Activities to Introduce and Make a Success of Competencies
Show how competencies work in practice and how they can be applied in specific work contexts. The Competencies Activity Pack provides a complete programme of activities which can be rolled out through your organisation with the minimum of hassle - saving time and money. You'll be able to create a co... read more
Culture Of Freedom, A
The main programme (17 min) begins and ends with a dramatized version of the philosophical metaphor called “The Prisoners Dilemma.” It teaches us how we may meet self-interest far more powerfully through building trust and choosing to co-operate with others. It explores the nature of an individual '... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Discussing Performance
Motivate Managers and Team Leaders to make Performance Feedback Discussions a Success.
Show them the value in:• Focusing on outcomes• Tackling contentious issues• Identifying training needs and formalizing forward planning. Help them avoid the pitfalls of:• Placing more importance on the interview than ongoing communication• Setting up employees to be in competition with each other• T... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Do We Have a Deal?
Negotiating skills in a non-sales environment Based on the work of Dr. Gavin Kennedy.
By focusing on Malcolm, a manager representing the company, and Miriam, a supervisor representing the staff, the film demonstrates negotiation strategies and tactics in action, as the two managers attempt to negotiate the logistics of an office move. The film follows them as they make many of the cl... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Effective Delegation
Responsibility, Authority and Accountability
Three managers are expanding a regional sales office into a full operating depot for their company. Together they learn the benefits of good delegation and how to achieve it. The programme sets out four steps to successful delegation: * Clarify responsibilities. * Choose the people. * Communicate wh... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Essentials of Management
Provide excellent practice in all the foundation skills
When you're looking for ideas to enhance your management development workshops - or even revamping your entire programme - everything you need is here in this one resource.There are times when you don't need an entire pack dedicated to 'meetings' or 'performance appraisals' or 'leadership' or 'motiv... read more
Four Styles, The
One of the biggest problems in business today is getting along with and communicating with others. And it's one of the top reasons why most people are limited in their relationships and limited in their ability to communicate well on or off the job. Scientific research shows that people communicate,... read more
Goals and Goal Setting
Our achievements and accomplishments don't happen accidentally. They are the result of careful planning, thoughtful strategy and faithful execution. This practical program follows a team as they establish their goals. Viewers see the value of a common purpose in improving teamwork and productivity. ... read more
Gods of Management
All Cultures are good in the right place... with Charles Handy
Every organisation has its own culture - its own way of doing things. This video version of Charles Handy's most eye-opening book shows how to identify the culture of your organisation and what sort of people you need to make it successful. If you're grappling with change and trying to break the mou... read more