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In a fast-changing world, the only way organizations can flourish, indeed survive, is to keep learning. And that involves learning how to learn. Developing the learning organization is a process to which trainers can make an important contribution, and the exercises in this manual were compiled to help them do just that.

Special features:

  • Structured group experiences designed to improve perception, develop process skills and strengthen general management skills such as problem-solving, decision-making and communication
  • Flexible exercises ranging from short icebreakers to intensive workshops
  • Modules containing detailed instructions for the trainer, including guidance on debriefing
  • Participants material provided in the form of ready-to-photocopy masters
  • Fully indexed activities to facilitate choice.

All change; Archaeology; Bizarro I; Bizarro II; Bizarro III; Business; Busk I; Busk II; Charades; Codes; Course review; Five-stage creativity I; Five-stage creativity II; Culture; Daydream; Decisions; Fairy tales; Get stuck; Glossary; HRM audit; Jekyll and Hyde; Lateral thinking; Logo; Mind-map consequences; Mural; Patterns; Pictures I; Pictures II; Playhouse; Postcards; Redrawing organization charts I; Redrawing organization charts II; Role and task; Scenario; Sculpture; Superteams; Suspect plot devices; Thriving on chaos; Time management I; Time management II; Tom and Jerry; Warm up; Word sort; Work plan; Work wear.

About the Authors
Rex Davies is an independent management consultant specializing in organization development and the applications of right brain thinking to management. His clients range from national organizations to local businesses.

David McDermott is a management training consultant working with organizations in both the private and public sector. He specializes in trainer development, winning presentations, team building and personal development.

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