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Change Masters Series
Set of 2 Videos
The series comprises of the following 2 videos, detailed descriptions of which are available under their individual titles. 1. Understanding the Theory (29 min) US$550 * Rs.9,450/-. 2. Putting Theory into Action (42 min) US$695 * Rs.10,750/-.
Emotional Intelligence Series
Three new videos on Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman. Video 1: Understanding Emotional Intelligence Video 2: Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence Video 3: Emotinal Intelligence & Optimal Performance
FiSH! For Leaders Series
A Six Program Series
As a leader, your greatest influence is not power or charisma. It’s the example you set for the people you lead and the relationships you build with them.The FISH! For Leaders Series is for anyone, from business owners to frontline supervisors, who wants to lead more effectively. It will help you: B... read more
Mastering Stress Series
Five videos to recognize, manage and become master over your own stress in the workplace. Stress, Weight Control & Emotional Eating Recognizing Stress Managing Stress Resilience: Mastering Stress Yoga@Work
Seeing Red Cars - Creating A Mindset for Change
Dynamic change in business is exacerbating the natural tendency to focus on what we fear. This unconscious reaction is literally paralyzing people from being change adaptive. If this is critical for you, then it has never been more important to utilize The Seeing Red Cars Series. These bite-sized vi... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Selection Interview Skills Series
A practical series of programs for anyone involved in interviewing. A wide range of case studies will provide useful examples for evaluation, discussion and exploration of key skills. Ideal for managers, team leaders, consultants and trainers.