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Carlos needs training in reception skills. Carol is critical of his pronunciation and poor English, so she delegates the task to Alex who patiently teaches Carlos how to introduce himself, how to address and greet visitors, and ways to build rapport and make people feel comfortable. She is an encouraging coach and helps him understand his role.

Carol starts by criticizing the way Carlos had difficulties with names and titles. Alex explains to Carlos how to address people using either their title and last name or their first name, but not a combination of their title and first name.  Alex also explains to Carlos the differences between greeting people on the telephone and greeting them in person. Carol criticizes Carlos when he tries to deal with someone who is very angry, her criticism largely being about his pronunciation. Alex patiently teaches Carlos how to make people feel comfortable and is very encouraging while Carol continues to be critical of his abilities in a demeaning way.  Alex also helps Carlos better understand his role and what behavior is expected at the front desk.

  Key Learning Points

"An everyday greeting is usually taken for granted. Yet judgments are often made from those first words"


Don’t assume greetings are easy
INSTEAD: See the benefit of coaching\

Don’t forget names and titles
INSTEAD: Greet people professionally

Don’t assume small talk is small value
INSTEAD: Develop the skills to build rapport

Don’t expect immediate perfection
INSTEAD: Celebrate each step forward


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