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Vado's Individual Courses are designed for any individual within an organization. Whether a person is an individual contributor, project manager, or has supervisory responsibilities, these courses will help build the skills needed to increase personal performance, develop communication and team skills, as well as help individuals become contributing members of the organization long-term.

Since each of Vado's courses are chunked, bite sized learning experiences, the Vado Course Bundles provide learners with a comprehensive learning option. When using a bundle, learners complete a number of courses to more fully develop their skills and capabilities.

In addition, the Vado Learning Tracks provide learners with recommended course bundles to take together for an in-depth development experience.

Vado Individual Contributor Course Bundles:

  • Basic Business Skills
  • Become a Contributing Project Team Member
  • Building Your Career
  • Building Your Leadership Skills
  • Communicating Technical Information
  • Communicating with Others
  • Creating Great Work
  • Customer Service Basics
  • Design Thinking
  • Developing for Success
  • Developing Work Relationships
  • HR Compliance Toolkit
  • How to Work Successfully From Home
  • Increasing Your Contribution at Work
  • Personal Behaviors and Conduct
  • Process and Quality Improvement 
  • Sales Toolkits
    • Conducting Great Online Demos & Sales Calls
    • Relationship Selling
    • Predictable Revenue
  • Starting a New Job
  • Writing to Get Things Done
  • You and Your Boss
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Each Bundle comprises 2 to 12 courses.

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Basic Business Skills
Build the basic business skills required to be successful in any job, at any company.
At work there are some basic business skills we all should have to be successful, no matter what type of job we may have or where we may work. When developed, these basic skills will help anyone increase personal performance and professional success. Whether it's building required job skills, meetin... read more
Become a Contributing Project Team Member
Learn what is required to be a successful member of any project team.
Most of us from time to time will be part of a project team. We'll be required to work with others, complete assignments, as well as communicate progress and project challenges. Building your skills to be an effective project team member is a great thing to do. When we take the time to develop our s... read more
Building Your Career
Individuals take action to identify career opportunities, build the required skills and brand themselves to others.
Building a career can be very rewarding, both personally and financially. And while our managers can help us seek out new opportunities and build the skills required for the future, it is really up to us to take charge and guide our own career. The Building Your Career courseware will help you do ju... read more
Building Your Leadership Skills
Individuals build leadership skills that can help in any role, whether the person is an individual contributor, new supervisor or experienced manager.
Being a leader is not just about managing others. It's also about being a positive role model with others, taking personal responsibility for your actions, and taking the lead to increase your contribution to the organization. Personal leadership is also about communicating well with others, being a... read more
Communicating Technical Information
Individuals learn how to effectively communicate technical information to a diverse audience.
Sometimes it can be difficult to effectively communicate complex information to an audience who does not share the same background and expertise in the subject matter as you do. Whether you're delivering a presentation on marketing data to a group, making a sales pitch on complex software to a clien... read more
Communicating with Others
Individuals build the skills required to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions to others.
No matter where you work or what job you have, communication matters. We need to communicate with our boss, our coworkers, as well as our customers or clientswe are in constant communication with others. Therefore, it's a great idea for everyone to build their personal communication skills. When we... read more
Creating Great Work
Individuals take the initiative to create work that is inspiring, challenging and focused on what they love to do.
The work we do matters. Having work that excites and motivates us is important. When we do, we are more engaged, enjoy our work more, and are more productive. All of which makes it interesting and fun to go to work. And while our manager and the organization do impact our work situation, we can make... read more
Customer Service Basics
Individuals build the skills required to deliver excellent customer service and build customer loyalty.
Most of us interact with customers in some way. Whether we call them customers or clients, and whether they are outside the company or inside the company, all of us tend to interact with customers at some point. Therefore, it's great to have strong customer service skills. Knowing how to build custo... read more
Design Thinking
Individuals will build their skills in the design thinking process.
You've probably heard the term Design Thinking around your workplace lately. But what exactly is Design Thinking, and how is it bringing benefits to companies and individuals who work outside of the design realm? The Design Thinking course bundle will clue you in to one of the biggest trends in pr... read more
Developing for Success
Individuals focus on building their knowledge and skills to be successful in their current role, as well as future company positions.
To be successful in any role, we should always be developing and building new skills. High performers are always finding ways to learn more and grow their expertise; it's part of what being a high performer is all about. When we grow new skills, we not only perform better in our current jobs, we hav... read more
Developing Work Relationships
Individuals build their relationships with colleagues and peers to increase personal success and team collaboration.
The relationships we have with others matter. When we develop great relationships at work, we enjoy work more, are able to get more done with others, and are viewed as an important member of the team, all of which makes for a great work environment for yourself as well as others. The Developing Work... read more
HR Compliance
We know from experience that learners are turned off by boring videos, irrelevant interactions, and memorizing laws. Our training starts with the laws but goes beyond by teaching people how to behave toward others and teaching how they can expect to be treated in return.
How to Work Successfully From Home
Working from home is different. Even though your work responsibilities do not change when we go from working in an office building to working from home, how work gets done will be different, as there are distractions and obstacles. Therefore, it is essential that we understand the challenges when we... read more
Increasing Your Contribution at Work
Individuals develop the skills required to deliver high performing results.
We all want to do well at work. When we perform well, contribute at a high level, and are seen as a valuable asset to the team, we enjoy work more and have more opportunities. And while our manager typically determines the work that must be accomplished and when, as individual employees we can also ... read more
Personal Behaviors and Conduct
Individuals strengthen their personal conduct and behaviors to become individuals with character and integrity in the workplace.
Character, integrity and personal conduct matter. They matter in our personal life and they matter at work too. How we conduct ourselves with others makes a difference in our overall ability to succeed. Individuals who show strong character and integrity develop a high level of trust and respect wit... read more
Process and Quality Improvement
Quality, Lean, Six Sigma. This set of courses introduces individuals to the concepts of quality improvement, thinking lean, and Six Sigma. Learners are introduced to the basic concepts and tools, as well as learn techniques for how to apply these concepts and tools within their work and projects.
Starting a New Job
Individuals new to a job, role or the company, take action to accelerate the time it takes to become a productive employee and integrated team member.
When we start a new job, it can take some time to get going. There's so much to learn and understand that it can take a while to become fully productive members of our team. And while our manager knows it will take some time for us to ramp up, it certainly benefits us individually if we can decrease... read more
Writing to Get Things Done
Effective Communication for Successful Leadership
In partnership with the Berry Writing Group, the experts on business writing, the Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit will improve productivity by teaching how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Students will improve their on-the-job writing skills — writing clear, easy-to-r... read more
You and Your Boss
Individuals build their relationship with their boss to receive the right level of feedback and coaching for success.
While it is true that the organization and your boss have a responsibility to create a great work situation for you, it's also true that you have a responsibility as well. You are responsible for taking action and doing the right things that will help you grow in your career and create a great work ... read more
Conducting Great Online Demos and Sales Calls
Learn how to use technology to achieve the same goals as face-to-face sales calls.
With territories getting larger and travel budgets tighter, conducting virtual sales calls and product demos is becoming more important, yet many people are uncomfortable selling in this environment. However, due to these changing business circumstances, it is critical sales professionals learn how ... read more
Relationship Selling
Tools and information you need to build and strengthen the eight competencies of sales leadership.
Those at the top understand that one must become and remain eligible for what they want. If you want the top people to seek you out, you must be the kind of person they would benefit from seeking out. If you want to be influential, you must continually learn in order to have more to offer. The Relat... read more
Predictable Revenue Toolkit - For Leaders
e-Learning Courses to Turn Your Sales into a Sales Machine
In any organization, sales matter. We all know this. It's no big secretsales keep the doors open and create company revenue. However, what really matters is not our ability to get by, but our ability to thriveand the right sales engine allows any organization to do just that. This set of e-learnin... read more